Seminar Program

March 14, 2018

Location: Four Points by Sheraton, Novi Michigan

8:15 am - 9:00 am Check In/Continental Breakfast
9:00 am - 10:10 am "Db2 Family: New Capabilities - Mainframe to Cloud ”
Speaker: Mike McCarthy (IBM Corporation)
Download "Db2 Family: New Capabilities - Mainframe to Cloud ”
10:10 am - 10:30 am Break
10:30 am - 11:45 am "DB2 Performance & Tuning – It’s All About The SQL! ”
Speaker: Mike Wingfield (Compuware)
Download "DB2 Performance & Tuning – It’s All About The SQL! ”
11:45 am - 12:45 pm Lunch - included as part of the seminar
12:45 pm - 2:00 pm "Reducing CPU and Maximizing Db2 z/OS Application/SQL Performance”
Speaker: Susan Lawson
Download "Reducing CPU and Maximizing Db2 z/OS Application/SQL Performance”
2:00 pm - 2:15 pm Break
2:15 pm - 3:30 pm "Db2 z/OS Table and Index Design for Performance and Availability"
Speaker: Susan Lawson
Download "Db2 z/OS Table and Index Design for Performance and Availability"
3:30 pm - 4:00 pm "Closing Comments "


Presentation Abstracts

Presentation #1:

Speaker: Mike McCarthy (IBM Corporation) - "Db2 Family: New Capabilities - Mainframe to Cloud ”

DB2 has been around for nearly 35 years, being first released by IBM in 1983 for MVS mainframes. Throughout the 1990’s and beyond, DB2 became available on many operating systems including OS/2, AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, Windows, Linux and even smartphone systems. Today, rebranded as IBM Db2, it supports OLTP, data warehouse, and analytics applications via deployments from mainframe to cloud. This presentation will look at Db2 deployment options, including mainframe, Windows, Linux, and Cloud. Customers looking to build new-age applications using OData, REST apis, and JSON or provide mobile access to data, can continue to use Db2 to meet new requirements.

Presentation #2:

Speaker: Mike Wingfield (Compuware) – "DB2 Performance & Tuning – It’s All About The SQL!”

Throwing hardware at Mainframe performance issues is not enough anymore. Application response times and runtimes need to be tuned to run as efficiently as possible to reduce the Rolling 4 Hour Average (to lower the Monthly License Costs) and often times when it’s DB2 in the application, most of the performance opportunities will be found there. CICS, Batch, and DDF DB2 tuning opportunities will be examined; analyzing SQL Text, DB2 Access Paths, and the DB2 Catalog Objects involved.

Bullet Point:

. What’s Using CPU and Causing Wait in Mainframe Applications

. Analyzing Online and DDF SQL for Optimal Response Times

. Investigating DB2 Batch Jobs to Reduce Overall Runtimes

. Exploring Access Path Efficiency by Examining the Explain

. Scrutinizing Information Contained in the DB2 Catalog

Presentation #3:

Speaker: Susan Lawson – "Reducing CPU and Maximizing Db2 z/OS Application/SQL Performance"


This seminar will cover many best practices for our applications in order to achieve performance and reduce CPU in Db2 z/OS. Many techniques to minimize overhead and locking will be explored. We will also take a look at techniques for coding efficient SQL and minimizing the amount of data we bring back to process in our applications via optimal predicates, less repetition and better use of indexes. We will also look at how to best utilize the dynamic statement cache and to use it in performance tuning efforts along with several Explain tables. All features discussed are current with Db2 11 and 12.

Presentation #4:

Speaker: Susan Lawson – "Db2 z/OS Table and Index Design for Performance and Availability”


This seminar will discuss many issues surrounding alternative table and index designs for performance and availability current with Db2 12 for z/OS. We will look at many different alternatives to help design tables and indexes for the best performance possible for the type of application process and how to achieve high availability. There are many issues to consider for high volume insert and update transactions, and a balancing act to be achieved for responsiveness to readers. Table issues such as denormalization, non-column attributes, indicator columns, repeating columns, derived data, aggregated columns, table flipping, identify columns, surrogate keys, horizontal and vertical partitioning. We will also look at issues with designing VLTBs (Very Large Tables) and XVLTBs (eXtremely Large Tables), the rules have changed! Index issues such as minimizing indexes, using NPSIs or DPSI, and using indexes for best possible performance will be discussed. This seminar also focuses on utilizing features that have been introduced in the latest DB2 releases.


Speaker Biographies

Mike McCarthy (IBM Corporation)

Mike McCarthy is a consulting software technical specialist at IBM focusing on IBM data management technology, including the Db2 family on-premises and cloud offerings. He works mainly with data warehouse and analytics solutions and has delivered training and sales support to hundreds of IBM and IBM Business Partner professionals over the past fifteen years. Mike serves as a member of the Michigan DB2 User Group board of directors. Mike will be presenting on the following topic:

. Db2 Family: New Capabilities - Mainframe to Cloud

Mike Wingfield (Compuware)
Mike Wingfield has been in IT for over 35 years and has been working with DB2 since Version 1.1 in 1987 as a programmer, DBA, Tech Support, Data Modeler, Data Architect, and for the last 20 years as a DB2 Performance and Tuning Specialist. Mike has been utilizing Strobe since 1991 and has documented mainframe operating cost savings of over 50 million dollars using Strobe from 1994 through 2001. Mike retired from U S WEST (which became Qwest Communications and now Century Link) after 30 years of service.

As a Strobe Solution Consultant for the last 14 years in Compuware’s Field Technical Support, Mike takes part in Application Performance Assessments for many Strobe customers throughout North & South America, Asia/Pacific, and Europe analyzing Batch, Onlines, Stored Procedures, and DDF performance with Strobe and iStrobe and providing recommendations for runtime and response time improvements. Mike will be presenting on the following topic:

. DB2 Performance & Tuning – It’s All About The SQL!

Susan Lawson
Susan Lawson is an internationally recognized consultant and lecturer with a background in Db2 z/OS system and database administration for 29 years. She currently works with several large clients to help design, develop, implement and tune some of the worlds’ largest and most complex Db2 databases and applications. She also performs performance/availability audits and health checks for many clients to help reduce costs through proper performance tuning and to help ensure availability and stability. Her other activities include authoring articles and white papers, presenting at user group meetings, and developing/teaching a variety of Db2 z/OS courses. She is an IBM GOLD Consultant and an IBM Analytics Champion. She has authored the IBM ‘DB2 11 for z/OS DBA Certification Guide’ and has previously authored several books on certification and performance. Susan will be presenting the following topics:

. Reducing CPU and Maximizing Db2 z/OS Application/SQL Performance

. Db2 z/OS Table and Index Design for Performance and Availability