Seminar Program

June 6, 2018

Location: IBM Southfield, Southfield, Michigan

8:15 am - 9:00 am Check In and Breakfast
9:00 am - 10:20 am "DB2 Partitioning - Bringing the story up to date"
Speaker: Dan Lohmeier (BMC)
Download "DB2 Partitioning - Bringing the story up to date"
10:20 am - 10:40 am Break
10:40 am - 12:00 pm "Here we go again - What's New in DB2 12"
Speaker: Dan Lohmeier (BMC)
Download "Here we go again - What's New in DB2 12"
1:00 pm - 2:15 pm "Db2 12 - 12 months agile production experience with more focus on the Data and less on the base"
Speaker: Roy Boxwell (SEG)
Download "Db2 12 - 12 months agile production experience with more focus on the Data and less on the base"
2:15 pm - 2:30 pm Break
2:30 pm - 3:45 pm "360 Degree Audit"
Speaker: Roy Boxwell (SEG)
Download "360 Degree Audit"
3:45 pm - 4:00 pm "Closing Comments "


Presentation Abstracts

Presentation #1:

Speaker: Dan Lohmeier - "DB2 Partitioning - Bringing the story up to date"

This session looks at the history of DB2 partitioned tables, from when the changes started C the Table Based partitioning of DB2 V8

We will then move on to consider Universal Table Spaces and Partition by Growth - the latest partitioning scheme that isn't really partitioning at all

To bring the story up to date, we'll take a shallow dive into the changes for partitioning in DB2 12 which include some new considerations for partitioning as well as new management opportunities for existing

Presentation #2:

Speaker: Dan Lohmeier "Here we go again - What's New in DB2 12"

IBM have announced a new version of DB2 12 - this presentation gives a high level overview of the new stuff in DB2 12, from an independent point of view. Also, how Continuous Delivery changes and effects Db2 in the future.

Presentation #3:

Speaker: Roy Boxwell "Db2 12 - 12 months agile production experience with more focus on the Data and less on the base"


Migrating to Db2 12 is pretty much the same procedure like every 3 years. Then we get introduced to a variety of levels that control new features and functions being delivered and realize that the every-3-years-same-procedure is history. The levels, their dependencies and behavior are a fundamental change, which was implemented to control agile and more specifically its associated Continuous Delivery of future upgrades and fixes. As usual, it comes with benefits, but also challenges.

This presentation not only covers customers experiences migrating to Db2 12, but also how the changed maintenance approach has forced them to change existing procedures. The second part is the daily operation and exploitation using Db2 12 enhancements from customers of different industries.

The over-all results aren't bad, but a major conclusion is also that this Db2 version is significantly different than other versions before. It's the first agile version with all its pros and cons. According to IBMs July 2017 announcement, the new database design "represents the elemental nature of Db2 (think periodic table) and connotes the fundamental importance of hybrid data management". Where does this materialize in our daily work with Db2? Join this presentation and benefit from the experience of other Db2 customers around the world running Db2 12. This seminar will cover many best practices for our applications in order to achieve performance and reduce CPU in Db2 z/OS. Many techniques to minimize overhead and locking will be explored. We will also take a look at techniques for coding efficient SQL and minimizing the amount of data we bring back to process in our applications via optimal predicates, less repetition and better use of indexes. We will also look at how to best utilize the dynamic statement cache and to use it in performance tuning efforts along with several Explain tables. All features discussed are current with Db2 11 and 12.

Presentation #4:

Speaker: Roy Maxwell "360 Degree Audit"


This session starts with an overview of what you should know about audit and what the new GDPR means to DBAs. It continues with Auditor requirements and which IFCIDS give which data that you should have running at your shops. An example system is examined with a framework for analysis (including possible tooling). A list of the latest KPMG Auditor questions from a couple of customers shows that they are getting agile as well. The session finishes with a run through using GUI screen shots and the LEEF SIEM interface.


Speaker Biographies

Dan Lohmeier (BMC)

Dan Lohmeier has worked in the mainframe industry for 30+ years. He started his career as an entry level applications programmer for a major US insurance company in 1987. His DB2 experiences began there with DB2 V4 and data sharing doing both DBA and systems DBA work. After 15 years he took a job with BMC Software supporting the DB2 Administration products. For the past six years he has been working in development on the analysis engine for the ALTER/CHANGE MANAGER for DB2 product.

Roy Boxwell (SEG)
Roy Boxwell has more than 32 years of experience in MVS, OS/390, and z/OS environments C 30 of those in Db2. He specializes in installation, migration, and performance monitoring and tuning. Roy leads the SEG development team responsible for the real time database maintenance solutions. He is also an active participant, speaker and contributor on the IDUG Db2 Listserv and sends out a monthly Db2 z/OS Newsletter.