General Overview

MDUG (Michigan DB2 Users Group) was formed in 1990 by a small group of representatives of Southeastern Michigan corporate users of the DB2 product, with sponsorship by PLATINUM technology. The major requirement for membership in MDUG is having the DB2 product installed in the member's corporate environment.

The Michigan DB2 Users Group's major function is to promote usage of DB2, and provide a forum for DB2 users to interface and exchange ideas. The group is a registered member with the International DB2 Users Group (IDUG), and is supported by corporate contributions and volunteers, as well as yearly membership fees. MDUG is non-profit, and uses all funds received for the operation of the group and its related seminars.

MDUG does not practice, assist, or sanction any job recruiting activities aimed at its membership. All calls, or other contacts made to the MDUG Board of Directors in regard to recruiting purposes will not be returned.

Quarterly seminars are held in Southeastern Michigan. Presentations during the seminars cover all aspects of DB2, from development, to operational functions, workstation interfaces, and all platforms. Presentations are geared to recent events in the relational database world, and to address our members' needs as expressed in feedback from past seminars.

All voting members of the MDUG board of directors are either individual members or in the employ of corporate members. Vendor members can and do participate as consultants on board activities, and assist with user group activities. Members, and recent attendees of MDUG seminars receive a quarterly newsletter concerning upcoming events.

MDUG Directors

Carol Little - Communications Director & Membership Coordination, GreenStar Solutions
Stella Keesling - Finance Director, Comerica
Chuck Hill - Newsletter & Evaluations Director, Ford Motor Co.
Nhon Do - Director Web Site Support, Ford Motor Co.
Mike McCarthy - Meetings Coordination Director & Advisory Support, IBM Corporation
Terri Kemmer - Advisory Support, IBM Corporation
Dave Mazza - Advisory Support, IBM Corporation
Ron Flannery - Training and Speaker Coordination Director & Advisory Support, One Point Solutions
Mark Rader - Speaker Coordination & Advisory Support, IBM Corporation
Bill Moran - NEODBUG Liaison & Advisory Support, BMC Software